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Conference Day 1 (18.01.2024)
4.00 pm   Registration starts
GARC Leadership Summit
5.00 pm 5.05 pm    Lighting the Kuthuvilaku
5.05 pm Welcome Address:
Dr J Balavenkat,
GARC Conference Chair
5.10 pm Opening Remarks
"Dr M V Bhimeshwar,Academic Chairman, ISA", Guntur
5.15 pm Situational Leadership
Leadership Lecture
Maj General Rashmi Datta, Chandigarh
5.25 pm Leadership in Anesthesia - Global Perspective
Leadership Lecture
Dr Carolina Haylock Loor, Honduras
  Distinguished Mentor Award
5.35 pm Presentation of Distinguished Mentor Award Dr Sadhana Kulkarni, Aurangabad
Dr Vasanti Vidya Sagharan, Chenna
Maj Gen Dr Rashmi Datta, Chandigarh
Dr Pramila Chari, Chandigarh
Prof P F Kotur, Pondicherry
Dr Maju Shree Ray, Kolkata
Dr Rebecca Jacob, Bangalore
6.05 pm   Musical Extravaganza by Temple of Fine Arts
6.15 pm Introduction of Gyanvatsal Swami
Dr Sudhakar Koppad, Bangalore
6.20 pm Reinvent, Evolve and Lead
Keynote Speaker
Gyanvatsal Swami, Baroda
7.10 pm Vote of Thanks Dr Nilesh Naphade, Ratnagiri
7.15 pm National Anthem
   Authentic South Indian Dinner: Food Court, 6th Floor Ganga Hospital
Conference Day 2 ( 19.01.2024 )
7.00 am   Registration begins
7.30 am   Devotional Songs Dr Sudeesh Kannan, Bangalore
Dr N Basker, Chennai
Session 1
8.00 am Is this Child Fit for Anesthesia? Dr S Ramesh, Chennai Moderator:
Dr Krishna Joshi, Mumbai
Dr Kuchela Babu, Vizag
Dr Chakara Rao, Kakinada
8.20 am Management of Anticipated Diffcult Airway Dr J V Divatia, Mumbai
8.40 am "Need for Indian Guidelines on Patient Warming
(Session Sponsored by 3M)"
Dr Shishir Chandrasekar, Bangalore
9.00 am Beyond the Anatomically Difficult Airway - What Every Anesthesiologist should Know Dr Sheila Nainan Myatra , Mumbai
9.20 am 9:30 am    Q & A
Session 2
9.30 am Rescue TEE Dr T A Patil, Bangalore Moderators:
Dr Kalpana Kelkar, Pune
Dr Kameshwara Rao, Kakinada
Dr K Bala Krishnan, Chennai
9.50 am Pre-operative Optimisation for Patients with Lung Disease Dr Naman Shastri, Ahmedabad
10.10 am Balancing Act: Unveiling the Dynamics of Right Heart Failure in Perioperative Care Dr Senthilkumaran, UK
10.30 am Advancements and Challenges in General Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics Maj General Rashmi Datta, Chandigarh
10.50 am 11:00 am    Q & A
11:00 am 11:20 am    Tea Break
Session 3
11.20 am Zebra Culture in Medical Practice Dr S Bala Bhaskar, Bellari Moderators:
Dr Navneet Sinha, Australia
Dr M V Bhimeshwar, Vijayawada
Dr Upender Gowd, Hyderabad
11.40 am Chronic Postsurgical Pain: Current Thinking Dr Harsha Shanthanna, USA
12.00 pm Quality and Patient Safety for Anesthesiologists Dr Lallu Joseph, Vellore
12.20 pm Embracing Your True Self: Living an Earned Life Dr Murali Thondebhavi, Bangalore
12.40 pm Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Anesthesiology a Roadmap to Follow Dr Carolina Haylock Loor, Honduras
1.00 pm Clinical Pearls in Critical Care Management of Fracture Ribs Dr Kajal Jain, Chandigarh
1:20 pm 2:00 pm    Lunch Break
2.00 pm Panel Discussion on
Life of an Anesthesiologist: Pathway for Professional Excellence and Personal Abundance
Dr Rebecca Jacob, Bangalore
Dr Mukul Kapoor, New Delhi
Dr Ekta Rai, Vellore
Dr Shishir Chandrasekar, Bangalore
Dr Dheeraj Masapu, Bangalore
Dr Subramanyam Mahankali, Bangalore
Dr Karunakaran Ramasamy, Qatar
2.30 pm Panel Discussion on
Perioperative Management of Breast Cancer - A Deep Dive
Dr Suwimon Tangwiwat, Thailand
Dr Eleni Moka, Greece
Dr KS Marudhachalam, Australia
Dr Anjum Khan Joad, Jaipur
Dr Rajashanmuga Krishnan, Coimbatore
Dr Vibhavari Naik, Hyderabad
Session 4
3.00 pm Risk Assessment Tools for Emergency Surgeries Dr Pradeep Dongre, Bangalore Moderators:
Dr Virendra Kumar, Lucknow
Dr N Basker, Chennai
Dr Giridharan, Chennai
3.15 pm Videolaryngoscopy with Hyper-Angulated Blade - Perspectives and Guidance from Global Experts Dr Ashok Kumar Jayaraj, Australia
3.30 pm 3:45 pm    Q & A
3:45 pm Onwards    Depart to ISHA
Conference Day 3 ( 20.01.2024 )
7.00 am  7.30 am    ISHA Kriya YOGA
Venue : Auditorium, Ganga Hospital to come in empty stomach
7.30 am How to make Surgeons Love Peadiatric Regional Analgesia Dr S Ramesh, Chennai
7.45 am Awake Spine Surgery: Double Needle Technique - Richa Carmine's Technique Dr Richa Chandra, Bariely
8.00 am On Table Complications: My Experience Dr Bande BD, Pune
8.15 am Chat GPT in Anesthesia Dr Tushar Choksi, Vadodara
8.30 am    Breakfast
Session 5
9.00 am Should we Call any Airway "Difficult Airway?" Need for a New Terminology Dr Amit Shah, Vadodara Moderators:
Dr J Ranganathan, Salem
Dr B Radhakrishnan, Trivandrum
Dr Atchyuth Ramaiah, Kakinada
9.20 am Our Role in Making Our Children Live in a Healthy Environment Dr Hemant Shinde, Mumbai
9.40 am All RED Triggers in the Early Warning Chart Trend - How do I Approach? Dr Sunil Pandya, Hyderabad
10.00 am Transitional Pain and Regional Anesthesia Dr Eleni Moka, Greece
10.20 am Severe PAH Coming for Non Cardiac Surgery Dr Ranjith Karthikeyan, Chennai
10.40 am Unresponsive: Think of Non Convulsive Status Epilepticus Dr Swagata Tripathy, Bhuvaneshwar
11:00 am 11:20 am    Tea Break
Session 6
11.20 am Making Distraction Work for Surgical Pain: Considerations for the use of Music, Hypnosis and Virtual Reality Dr Harsha Shanthanna, USA Chairpersons:
Dr Kumaraswamy, Bangalore
Dr Mahesh Sinha, Chattisgarh
Dr Netra, Bangalore
11.40 am Minding Anesthesia in Patients with Coexisting Mental Health Disorder: A Method to Madness Dr Kiran Deep Sandhu, Nasik
12.00 pm Anesthesiologist in Administrative Leadership - My Insights Dr Jayashree Sood, New Delhi
12.20 pm Anesthesia for Vasular Surgery: An Update Dr Pal Sivalingam, Australia
12.40 pm Indeminity Insurance for Anesthesiologists - The 360 Degree View Dr Nilesh Naphade, Ratnagiri
1.00 pm Photography: A Tool for Anaesthetic Precision Dr Danish Azam, Bangalore
1.20 pm    Lunch
2.00 pm    The MEGA Quiz Open to All: Dr Amjad Maniar, Bangalore
Session 7
2.30 pm Anaesthesiologist in Armed Forces: A leaf out of our life Lt Col Sureshbabu, New Delhi Chairpersons:
Dr Madhav Sathe, Mumbai
Dr Manoj Giri, Lucknow
Dr Venkatagiri, Kasargod
2.45 pm The Distinction between Analgesia Blocks and Surgical Blocks Dr Bo Gottschau, Denmark
3.00 pm Being a Modern Day Anesthesia Teacher Challenges and Solutions Dr Amutha Rani, Tirunelveli
3.10 pm Slow Living and Anesthesia Dr Amruta Datye, Sangli
3.20 pm Help: I Made a Mistake Dr Sheetal Dixit, Pune
3.30 am Newer Pharmacological Agents for Managing Heart Failure Dr Rakesh Kumar, Jodhpur
3.40 am "Pro & Con Session
Doctor Spouse: Anesthesiologist is the Best VS Non Anesthesiologist is the Best"
Dr Surekha Shinde, Pune
Dr Sunita Sankalecha, Nashik
3.55 pm Panel Discussion on
Bringing Out the Best while Challenged
Dr Archana Deka, Assam
Dr Guruprasad, Gadag
Dr Aparna Purohit Yadav, Sangli
Dr Nandita Mehta, Jammu
Dr Langpoklakpam Chaoba Singh, Imphal
Dr Sunanda Gupta, Udaipur
Dr Vaibhavi Uphadhye, Pune
4.25 pm Results of National Photography Contest Lead Organiser
Dr Danish Azam, Bangalore
Mr Mohan Thomas, Bangalore
Mr Prakash Ramakrishnan, Coimbatore
Mr Arun Kumar Krishnaiah, Bangalore
4.45 pm    Tea Break
5.00 pm Invocation Dance Dr Bhuvaneshwari,Nagpur
5.10 pm Role of Anesthesiologist in Institution Building
Oration Lecture
Dr S Rajasabapathy
Chairman, Division of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Burns
5.25 pm Introduction of Dr V Ravindra Bhat
Oration Lecture
Dr S Rajasabapathy
Chairman, Division of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Burns
5.30 pm Introduction of the Orator Dr J Balavenkat
Senior Consultant & Academic Director of Anaesthesia
5.35 pm   Presentation of Oration Award
5.40 pm Standardized Pain Management Protocols in an Era of Personalized, Patient-Centered Care
Dr Brendan Carvalho, USA
6.10 pm Vote of Thanks
7.30 pm    Cultural Evening & Banquet -Hotel Hash 6 (Adjacent to Ganga Hospital)
   Hall of Fame Awards
7.30 pm Hall of Fame Awards: Awardees for 2024 1. Dr Santosh Kumar Sharma, Gorakhpur
2. Dr Amar Chauhan, Gurgaon
3. Dr Geethanjali Dangat, Pune
4. Dr Vasantha Kumar K R, Mysore
5. Dr Akhila, Mysore
6. Dr Rakhi Datta, Pune
7. Dr Sonal Shah, Mumbai
9.00 pm    Dinner, Fellowship & DJ
Conference Day 4 ( 21.01.2024 )
7.00 am  7.25 am    IISHA Yoga Practice
7.30 am How to Deal with Complications in Regional Anesthesia Dr Bo Gottschau, Denmark
7.45 am From PAC to Prehabilitation- Increasing Scope of the Anaesthesia Outpatient Consultation Clinic Dr Arunangshu Chakraborty, Kolkata
8.00 am Diversity and Team Work Efficacy Dr Eleni Moka, Greece
8.15 am Innovative Strategies in Medical Education Brig T V S P Moorthy, Rajahmundry
8.30 am 9.00 am    Breakfast (Large Screen in the dining area to view the live workshop)
Session 8
9.00 am What is New in Onco Anesthesia? Dr Rakesh Garg, New Delhi Moderators:
Dr N Selvarajan, Coimbatore
Dr Janardhan Baliga, Singapore
Dr Kirubakaran, Salem
9.20 am The 'Utterly Frail' for Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Sandeep Diwan, Pune
9.40 am Thoracic Anesthesia - An Update Dr Saikat Sengupta, Kolkata
10.00 am Nonverbal Components of Effective Communication Dr Ranju Singh, New Delhi
10.20 am The Pride of Being an Anesthesiologist Dr AL Meenakshisundaram, Thanjavur
10.40 am Key Management Strategies for Obstetric Hemorrhage Dr Brendan Carvalho, USA
Live Nerve Block Workshop
11.00 am 2.00 pm Live Surgery Faculty:
Dr Sandeep Diwan, Pune
Dr Vrushali Ponde, Pune
Dr Amjad Maniar, Bangalore
Dr Ritesh Roy, Bhuvaneshwar
Floor Moderators:
Dr Javed Khan, Indore
Dr Satish Kulkarni,Mumbai
Dr Sudhakar Koppad, Bangalore
2.00 pm    Valedictory & Lunch