Workshop Details

Workshop Details

Workshop: Perioperative POCUS
Time: 08:00:00 - 16:00:00
Venue: Ganga Hospital Coimbatore

Course Directors

Dr Amit Dixit & Dr Vinayak Desurkar, Pune


Dr Prit Singh, Singapore

Dr Sachin Arbhi, Pune

Dr Danish Azam, Bangalore

Dr Jeetinder Kaur, Chandigarh

Dr Divesh Arora, Faridabad

Dr Anju Gupta, New Delhi

Dr Arunangshu Chakraborty, Kolkata

Dr Harshal Wagh, Mumbai

Dr K S Marudhachalam, Australia

Expert Observers

Learning objectives

  1. Basic Echocardiography with assessment of LV, RV systolic function, IVC assessment, valve morphology, pericardial and pleural effusion.
  2. Assessment of normal lung. Detection of pneumothorax and pulmonary edema, functional assessment of diaphragm.
  3. Optic nerve sheath diameter monitoring, gastric aspiration risk assessment, DVT Scanning with application of various augmentation tests
  4. Airway anatomy with ultrasound, cricothyroid membrane puncture, detection of endobronchial intubation , difficult airway predictors
  5. e-fast and it's clinical applications in shock and hypotension.

Salient features of this POCUS course

  1. Pre-course e-learning study material.
  2. 100% hands on training
  3. Exit exam and certification
  4. Delegate- Faculty ratio of 1:5
  5. Discussion on various clinical scenarios

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